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Tabula Rasa


Starting a blog feels really uncomfortable. Despite my accursed outgoing façade, I’m actually a teensy bit petrified that I’m going to royally step in it by publishing something regrettable on the internet that will be here forever – dun, dun, duhhh.  However, I’m going to give writing this thing a jolly good shot. The devil on my shoulder is hissing at me to not give a damn. And she’s right, no one ever did anything of note by staying in their comfort zone. Imagine if David Bowie had kept working as a light entertainer, we would probably associate him with the likes of Michael Crawford and Al Martino (‘who?’ I hear you say. My point exactly). But he didn’t remain there for long, he evolved and he kept forging new paths and ideas, new identities and odd methods of self-expression. So let’s do it, let’s get crazy.

But first I suppose you want a charming introduction about who I am and why on Earth you should keep reading this blog. If you already know me then a reminder can’t hurt. My name is Eliza Lourenço, or you can call me Lisey as the blog name suggests, I was born in Australia but I’m a quarter Irish and a quarter Portuguese (thus the funny ç in my last name). Currently, I’m studying a Bachelor of Journalism in Wollongong, Australia, and will probably major in creative writing. On the side I am a fantasy art digital illustrator which is a fancy way of saying that I draw fan art in photoshop. In my sparse and precious spare time I am also teaching myself Korean, Swedish and improving my Italian. Like everyone else in the media cohort at university, one day I want to work in the field making content in some capacity. My dream jobs would be producing documentaries and writing long form journalism pieces. However, sometimes you do have to go where the wind blows. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up writing biographies for washed up TV hosts and interviewing conspiracy theorists for a local radio show. Whatever it is, I’ll find a way to make it interesting.

Please feel free to comment below about anything I’ve talked about in this post. Tell me about your own thoughts and ideas too! Whether that’s about making a blog or perhaps  your own experiences in media studies and jobs. 

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