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Sweat and Music

Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

It is Australia Day, and the air pushes down on us with a force only Australians can describe. My friend Meg and I are ten metres from the stage, buried 30 000 people deep. When I had agreed to take the spare ticket for Florence + the Machine, I’d thought to myself, do it Lisey, you never go out like this. Half of me begins to remember why I don’t normally go out. The other half of me feels pretty from layers of beauty school approved cream foundation. It makes me smile to see Meg smile despite the buckets of sweat pouring off my skin. This is why we came, we’re here to get our socks rocked off by a superstar, and it feels kind of good to be a part of the crowd.

After three hours of standing – without water – my blood starts rushing to my extremities. I recently got over pneumonia and the fear of germs I developed in hospital kicks in as I smell someone’s mummified body odour. I realise how weird concerts are: standing for hours on end to see a stranger, with other restless strangers. Meg and I try to stick it out but minutes before the band finally comes on stage, we dive back through the layers of people. We bob and weave, searching for a vendor with water.

“The show was ending and I had started to crack

Woke up in Chicago when the sky turned black…” 

The lyrics break over our heads and we slow down, there she is–Florence Welch, twirling and hypnotising us with her aura. Some audience members are drunk; others have definitely taken something. But for the most part we are all transfixed.

In all honesty, I’m not sure whether it was entirely worth it, but the jury is still out. I loved spending time with Meg and when everyone began to sing together the hairs on the back of my neck did indeed stand on end. That made up for a lot of the breaches in concert etiquette other people made.

I like to believe the audience connected with the band’s message–love, peace and acceptance. Surely only good can come from so many people entering a space and feeding off that energy and belief in compassion.

“What I appreciate is acknowledging to the audience that I think they have brains.”

Lily Tomlin, American actress, writer & comedian

11 comments on “Sweat and Music

  1. You literally transported me back to when I saw Florence last year as well! Felt like I was really in amongst it, could almost feel the drunk person breath of the person next to me. Love this piece, super cohesive and your writing style is so satisfying to read. xx


    • Eliza Lourenço

      Thank you so much Ash!! Your comment is so lovely, I’m glad you liked the post. ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally agree with you on the levels of crazy this concert was. Being in the middle of Sydney, kind of a hard place really made me question whether it was worth it. My insane love for Florence and fear of missing a car spot resulted in me being 2 hours early, but what really shocked me was about 200 people already sitting in line! The crowd was big and mainly drunk, but it really was exactly how you put it, a place of acceptance. At the end of the day, I spent exactly $200 on merchandise, one part being a $70 signed poster that there were only ten of, but I like to relate it to my love for Florence and the way she makes me feel. Awesome blog post, I really felt some parts were things that went through my head during the concert.


    • Eliza Lourenço

      Thanks for the comment, Maigan! It’s nice to know that someone else was on the same page. The concert was such a mixture of love and music, but also of self-indulgence and messiness. Ah well, that’s life though. 🙂


  3. Great blog, just watch out for paragraphing.


  4. Amateur Filter Blog post

    Great narrative and story behind it.

    The Start of your Blog has great references from history From Leonardo Da Vinci, just start on that one I thought your introduction has really rushed the reason why I say this a bit of explanation of why you used Da Vinci, would of be great to understand his method a bit too.

    For example, he actually used egg yolk to make his paintings as well look more modern too. But I thought throughout the introduction. I would have loved to of heard about different artists Along the way of a timeline too.
    Leading up to photographers instead of using nowadays don’t mean to say this seems Lazy writing as well. But Leibovitz famous for her Photography used. Also would love to of seen a bit of Photo language in it. Like exposure. But Good work with the structure but bit more research into it would be amazing.


  5. On the last footnotes with the Intro, a cohesion isn’t met with the Time either Jumping from the 20th century to the 15th century, looks like you had the right things to say but get some time read it through excitement in the moment of writing, looks rushed even though the meaning is there. Good story with the way you captivated it with great imagery. But take some time to write it.


  6. his article Sweat and music. Loved it Looked like something out of “rolling stone”.

    Great narrative on the big day out, you had really captivated the emotions on, what it is like to be within a crowd and being amongst it all. What I found amazing how you had gone into the young Adult of yourself and you gave excellent imagery to the audience it felt like I was actually in the crowd with you and I am sure you can make people feel that way with the imagery you use.

    So descriptive on the method you used the human emotions as well as describing the feeling of being inside of a Mosh pit and a crowd too. I like the way how you pushed on through saying who cares I had pneumonia but I can do this still, showing real good character typical of a Rock Fan out there.

    Going into Survivor mode as well something out of the hunger games.

    Seems like you lived a day not to Regret.

    would of used a Rock and Roll Canvas in the background also the paragraphing but you had fixed this up since class Good job.


  7. Hey Eliza, your post is stunning to me! I especially like how you describe the concert and your thoughts so vividly that made me feel like I am there!Your explanation of the show was very fascinating to me as people usually say their experiences are fun and enjoyable, but you have more to say than that. I ultimately feel you as I don’t enjoy concerts that much (which I find that is very rare), being pushed by the crowd can be squishy and gross at the same time. If you have photos taken at that concert, what do you think of adding them to the post? I think the images can help to support your words. To engage the audience further, you can add questions or statements that would prompt reflection on how readers respond to the same situation. Other than that, it is an insightful post!


  8. This is wonderful! The great detail you expressed helped me imagine your experience. It was great to see how you explained both the uncomfortable and beautiful parts of the concert. It’s easy to acknowledge how contrasted this experience was compared to witnessing via social media. It makes me wonder which is better, being a part of a digital or live audience? Or, instead of being seen as competitors, do both types of audiences coincide with each other? Without digital media, you and many others most likely wouldn’t have known of the concert, thus not going. Then the performance wouldn’t have been as impactful. As you stated, hopefully people will now actively share Florence’s beautiful messages to the rest of society.


    • chelseagregor

      I really like this post! You wrote really quite descriptively which allowed me to experience what you were experiencing in a way. This post is really relatable because I have experienced all of the sounds, smells and emotions that come with going to concerts many, many times and I have definitely had the same thoughts in the past. I like how at the start it sounds like you weren’t too fond of this type of audience but at the end you contradict that a little bit after you had experienced being there yourself. It would’ve been cool if you had some of your own pictures from the concert to include but I really like the ones that you chose.


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