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How I’m Tackling the Self-Quarantine

The government recommends that everyone practice social-distancing and stay at home during the Covid-19 outbreak, so that’s what I’m trying to do.

Of course, like many people, I’ve given myself some leeway to keep myself sane and mentally healthy.

The coming months will impact so many aspects of life, from education, work and broader economic management to the creation of a toilet paper black market.

I look back on having had pneumonia and at the resulting months when I stayed alone indoors; two hours away from all my friends.

To anyone reading this, I really want to underline how important it is that we keep checking in with each other. There’s nothing worse than feeling socially isolated. At least in this day and age we can use the internet. So, send that meme and tag a friend even though you just tagged them in something else. Really, there’s no excuse not to reach out to others.

I also want to say that it’s important to stay in contact with the people most vulnerable to the virus and those missing out because of irresponsible panic buying. You might not think you’re at risk, but I can guarantee you that people around you are and your behaviour directly affects them.

Look at all the books I say I’m going to read

All of my classes are in the process of switching to online teaching platforms––with mixed results. My first online tutorial via Zoom went well but I’ve heard a few kind of weird anecdotes about them around technical difficulties and social etiquette.

Without the need to travel to and from uni everyday, it means that I can spend time at home in my comfiest of clothing and most importantly without any make up on (thank fuck).

The free time will most likely end up flying out the window into the void where all the mismatched socks go, but I’m going to try and stay productive. After all, I’m writing this blog post and made two adult phone calls today. A moderately productive day is better than just binging the new season of Kingdom on its own.

During the quarantine, the main thing I want to focus on is tidying up all the loose ends in my life. I want to be able to come out of this and start fresh. I didn’t really get that chance at the start of 2020, but going off my acne meds and settling into university means that I’ve been given a new confidence that I’ve never experienced before now.

All the cake I’m going to eat with friends

It’s not like I lost it and now I’ve regained it. The confidence I’m growing into is this entirely new thing that’s changed my life. A part of it too is also the fact that I’m entering my twenties. Things are still uncertain as hell but I don’t feel as awkward as I did in that specific teenager-y way that clouded most of high school and my first year of university in 2018.

When it’s all over

I know that this situation is going to make me appreciate things a whole lot more than before the outbreak. When we eventually return to routine, I’ll make sure to throw a big bash for my friends and visit family. I want to listen to all their random thoughts and mishaps that I’ve missed out on in daily interactions. I want to listen, really listen to them again.

If you’re stumped on what to do during this period of time, my friend wrote this post with a few useful ideas.

Already know how you’re going to spend this time? Leave a comment below.

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