My Issue with Season 8 and the Word ‘Subversion’

If you've been alive over the last six weeks you may have noticed the buzz around HBO releasing the final season of Game of Thrones. The fandom's excitement reached a fever pitch today with the very last episode putting the capstone on a total watch time of 3 days and 16 minutes. This season… Continue reading My Issue with Season 8 and the Word ‘Subversion’

Should I Bother Finishing a Song of Ice and Fire?

It's sad watching your favourite show crumble under its own weight and become a fan fiction funeral pyre. If you're reading this you've probably invested a lot of time into Game of Thrones or know someone who has been there from the start. If you're like me, you were a bit extra and got into… Continue reading Should I Bother Finishing a Song of Ice and Fire?

My Double Life on the Internet

The web liberates the relationship between media and audiences and opens the flood gates for artists - like yours truly - to cut out the middlemen. "The “public sphere” is generally conceived as the social space in which different opinions are expressed, problems of general concern are discussed, and collective solutions are developed communicatively."Definition… Continue reading My Double Life on the Internet