2020 So Far: Everything I’ve Gotten Right and Wrong

We’ve all experienced that immense desire to reshape our lives at some point. The actual method always comes as an afterthought.  In case you haven’t noticed, my activity on this blog dropped off over the holiday season. Two months later and I’m ready to jump back in the saddle.  All the Fun Things When I… Continue reading 2020 So Far: Everything I’ve Gotten Right and Wrong

100 Seconds to Midnight: Doomsday Clock Closer than Ever Before

https://twitter.com/BulletinAtomic/status/1220360124511981568?s=20 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a nonprofit media organisation, has held a press conference, announcing that the symbolic Doomsday Clock is now 100 seconds to midnight. The panel convened at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on Thursday, 23 January, at 10am EST. Coverage of the event was broadcast live across the Bulletin's… Continue reading 100 Seconds to Midnight: Doomsday Clock Closer than Ever Before

An Interview with Young Scrolls

Young Scrolls describes their music and content as "'I'm on that side of the internet' kind of stuff". The meme music producer takes their name from the popular fantasy video game series The Elder Scrolls, from video game publisher Bethesda Softworks. The company that's also responsible for the Fallout franchise. In 2011 Bethesda released The… Continue reading An Interview with Young Scrolls

How Media Outlets Are Adapting to the Internet

https://twitter.com/LizeyLourenco/status/1188694598375206912 The internet creates a competitive and oversaturated market of media and journalism. This forces media outlets to innovate in order to engage both new and old audiences.  One example of this change can be seen through The New York Times. Since being founded in 1851, the broadsheet has won 127 Pulitzer Prizes; however, no… Continue reading How Media Outlets Are Adapting to the Internet

The Elements of Polyamory.

In its simplest form, polyamory means being in multiple romantic relationships at one time.  https://twitter.com/LizeyLourenco/status/1182987474856841216 Once you speak with someone who has experienced a polyamorous relationship, or a dynamic under the umbrella term of consensual non-monogamy, you’ll find out that definitions vary on many different levels.  Polyamory itself has only been the subject of a… Continue reading The Elements of Polyamory.

5 Reasons Why I’m Learning Three Languages.

I hated learning French in school. A lot.  Things changed after I stumbled into learning Italian. I realised that I didn’t hate all languages, I just didn’t get French. Photo by Cait Ellis on Unsplash If you’ve ever tried to learn an instrument, you’re probably familiar with that feeling. One instrument, or language in this case, can feel… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I’m Learning Three Languages.

Explainer: The Ethical Dilemma of Al Jazeera’s ‘How to Sell a Massacre’.

Al Jazeera's documentary How to Sell a Massacre divided journalists, politicians and media professionals when it aired on the ABC in March; however, it also stirred up greater public engagement due to the documentary's ethical grey-area. The debate arose due to Al Jazeera's breach of privacy in order to prove Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party… Continue reading Explainer: The Ethical Dilemma of Al Jazeera’s ‘How to Sell a Massacre’.

Should I Bother Finishing a Song of Ice and Fire?

It's sad watching your favourite show crumble under its own weight and become a fan fiction funeral pyre. If you're reading this you've probably invested a lot of time into Game of Thrones or know someone who has been there from the start. If you're like me, you were a bit extra and got into… Continue reading Should I Bother Finishing a Song of Ice and Fire?