An Audio Diary: Hello from Home – Episode One

It's been a few weeks of quarantine now and staying sane is proving hard. I've made a little audio diary of how I am staying productive (or at least trying to, given the circumstances). There's truly no easy way to go about being in isolation. However, to sum up the audio, these are some… Continue reading An Audio Diary: Hello from Home – Episode One

How I’m Tackling the Self-Quarantine

The government recommends that everyone practice social-distancing and stay at home during the Covid-19 outbreak, so that's what I'm trying to do. Of course, like many people, I've given myself some leeway to keep myself sane and mentally healthy. The coming months will impact so many aspects of life, from education, work and broader economic… Continue reading How I’m Tackling the Self-Quarantine

2020 So Far: Everything I’ve Gotten Right and Wrong

We’ve all experienced that immense desire to reshape our lives at some point. The actual method always comes as an afterthought.  In case you haven’t noticed, my activity on this blog dropped off over the holiday season. Two months later and I’m ready to jump back in the saddle.  All the Fun Things When I… Continue reading 2020 So Far: Everything I’ve Gotten Right and Wrong

5 Reasons Why I’m Learning Three Languages.

I hated learning French in school. A lot.  Things changed after I stumbled into learning Italian. I realised that I didn’t hate all languages, I just didn’t get French. Photo by Cait Ellis on Unsplash If you’ve ever tried to learn an instrument, you’re probably familiar with that feeling. One instrument, or language in this case, can feel… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I’m Learning Three Languages.

What Having Cystic Acne Has Taught Me

I don't have the worst acne but I certainly don't have the best skin. The first pimples appeared around the beginning of puberty, as they do for most people. Naturally, I adopted a skin care routine consisting of cheap cleansers and generous dabs of the palest shade of drug store foundation. When I turned 15,… Continue reading What Having Cystic Acne Has Taught Me